What Leadership Academy Fellows Say About the Program

“RLA gave me a foundation through the presentations and the opportunity to discuss concepts with leaders across the university, individuals I began to realize were my peers; we all brought something to the group.  I discovered leadership strengths within myself as we moved through the two years of the program, but it also opened my eyes to new opportunities I had never considered. I have a new-found confidence that allows me to reach out to leaders across Rutgers and RBHS and to take on leadership roles with the knowledge I gained from RLA. The biggest confidence boost comes when I take on a new opportunity and across the table, I see an RLA colleague.”

Patricia Findley, Dr.PH, MSW
Associate Professor of Social Work, the Special Assistant to the Dean for Inter-professional Health Initiatives, and the Newark MSW Campus Coordinator


“The concepts and systems covered at the academy enhanced my leadership competencies by providing a structural basis on which to reliably evaluate my leadership abilities. If you are looking to become an integral part of the leadership administration at RU, I would enthusiastically recommend becoming a RLA Fellow.  The classroom interactions and collegiality of the RLA make it an ideal experience to further your leadership acumen. The RLA subject matter, connecting with colleagues, and special guest lecturers provided very energizing experience that won’t soon be forgotten.”

Roger Grillo, MBA, Director of Administration & Finance, Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Health


“The program helped me understand the importance of moving away from one’s comfort zone and realize the multiple view points of the various stakeholders in any situation and their importance, especially in academic settings. It made me realize that, as an academic, I need to recognize, appreciate and understand the broader complexities above and beyond the usual boundaries.”

Ioannis (Yannis) Androulakis, Ph.D.
Professor and Undergraduate Director, Biomedical Engineering