Rutgers Leadership Academy FAQs

1. What is the definition of mid-career?

For purposes of nomination to the RLA, mid-career is defined as a person with 7 or more years of scholarly/professional experience. The nominee should be one who has potential for increased leadership responsibility and achievement within higher education.

2. How many fellows will be selected for the Academy?

For the 2015 pilot group of Fellows, approximately 25 individuals will be selected for participation.

3. Who is eligible to be nominated?

Mid-career faculty and staff within units which report to the Chancellor of New Brunswick or the
Chancellor of Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences are eligible to be nominated.

4. Can you nominate yourself?

No. Nominations for participation in the Academy must be submitted by VPs, deans, directors, chairs or
other senior administrative leaders who see potential for greater leadership in the nominee. Senior leaders may nominate more than one individual.

5. Do nominators and mentors have to be the same person?

Typically, the nominator will serve as a project mentor. However, a nominator and mentor need not be
the same person. Designation of a project mentor will be required toward the end of the first year at the time the Fellow’s project is identified. Mentors must be current Rutgers employees with the ability to serve as advisors for the projects and participate in selected RLA meetings/events.

6. When do projects have to be identified?

Toward the end of the first year, each Fellow, in conjunction with his/her nominator/mentor will identify a project of import to the unit or the broader campus. These projects are intended to provide a context for applying and furthering the development of leadership competencies, while contributing meaningfully to address significant needs of the institution. Work on projects will begin in the second year of the program.

7. What happens if you can’t attend all the classes?

Fellows are expected to attend all classes. However, we recognize there may be circumstances that may
affect a Fellow’s ability to attend all classes and meetings. An RLA Fellow should not miss more than one or two classes during each year of the program.

8. Is there a cost to the academy?

No. Materials for RLA class sessions are provided by the Academy. Any project costs, including release time, travel and materials must be assumed by the unit benefitting from the project.

9. Will funding and/or release time be provided for Fellows or mentors?

No funding will be available for RLA Fellows or mentors from the Academy.

10. When will nominations be accepted for the next cohort of RLA fellows?

Nominations for 2017-2019 cohort will be accepted in Spring 2017.

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