PLDI Goals: Completing the PLDI Program, Fellows will be able to . . .

  • Demonstrate familiarity with contemporary challenges and issues facing higher education and higher education leaders;
  • Demonstrate a developing understanding of fundamental perspectives and concepts of leadership as they apply in higher education settings;
  • Identify the multiple factors, constituencies, perspectives, policies and practices that influence decision-making in higher education;
  • Identify and explicate important dimensions of higher education and administration in colleges and universities, including mission, organizational structure, governance, finance, legal and regulatory issues, diversity, and ethics;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of leadership styles and strategies and their impact;
  • Demonstrate an analytic/critical perspective relative to leadership perspectives and concepts;
  • Assess group and organizational leadership practices and situations;
  • Demonstrate enhanced personal and professional leadership competence; and
  • Demonstrate the skills and commitment necessary for assessing one’s own leadership performance.

More generally, the PLDI program…

  • Contributes to the conversation about higher education leadership theory and practice within the university and nationally
  • Stimulates increased teaching/learning and reflection on leadership practice among university leaders involved with the PLDI program
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