Capstone Seminar

The Capstone Seminar is designed as an integrating experience, providing “hands-on” interpersonal, group, organizational and public leadership opportunities as students engage in a semester-long analysis of a critical case in higher education.

PLDI Fellows assume leadership in planning and organizing the case study project, which consists of analyzing the selected case from multiple perspectives; presenting the results of their analysis; and offering conclusions and recommendations. The final session is a formal presentation to which university administrators and academic leaders and all members of the PLDI Community—including first and second year PLDI Fellows, PLDI Mentors, the PLDI Planning Committee Members, and PLDI Advisors—are invited.

2013 Capstone Project

The topic for the spring 2013 semester was “Diverging Perspectives on Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities.” The final presentation examined the changes that are taking place nation-wide in higher education, considering the diverse perspectives of various stakeholder groups: students, employers, policy makers, and Faculty and Administrators. The presentation slides can be viewed here.

2012 Capstone Project

The topic for the spring 2012 semester was “Making Sense of the Penn State Scandal and Its Implications for Higher Education.” The final presentation examined the issue from multiple perspectives: organizational culture, the role of athletics, crisis management, and university/program brand management.

2012 Capstone Project Video Clips

The following video clips from the 2012 Capstone presentation provide an introduction to the topic and the key issues and lessons that were identified by the PLDI Fellows during their research. Click on the links below:

Introduction to the Penn State scandal

Leadership lessons learned

Issues related to organizational culture

The role of athletics in higher education and the scandal

Crisis management

Brand management

For more information, please click on these additional links:
More on Organizational Culture:
Changing the Family Culture
Culture and Policy
A Culture of Accountability

More on Role of Athletics:
Coaches and Power
Becoming a Scandal
Sports and Higher Education

More on Crisis Management:
Moments of Crisis
Board of Trustees response
Failed Responses
The President’s statement

More on Branding:
Implications of Branding
Heritage as Brand

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